About Us

We spend 1/3 of our time sleeping, and bedding is the key component to great sleeping quality.alpwc believes that everyone deserves a great bedding for a better sleep and seeks to provide bedding material that are not only soft and comfortable, but also sustainable and ecofriendly.

Here, you will find all the luxury and fashionable bedding collections are crafted from natural-grown fibers, and the most important material, linen.

Linen, woven from flax plant which has been around for centuries, is soft, durable, texturally simple, and naturally hypoallergenic.

In west Europe, especially Belgium, France and The Netherlands, linen flax is widely planted and receives high reputation because of its superior luster, softness, density, tenacity and evenness -- it is the perfect luxury bedding materials.

Proudly and confidently, all the linen collections that alpwc is offering you are crafted from French or Belgian flax fiber.

Cotton, known as breathable, easy caring, soft and economic, is also an ideal bedding material.

alpwc uses selected cotton to craft our fashionable bedding collections, including matelassé coverlets, blankets, duvet sets, sheets and other accessories.

Why Choose US Sustainable

All materials for bedding at alpwc are environmentally sustainable.

Linen flax grows naturally and requires very little water and little to zero fertilizers or pesticides.

All parts of the flax plant can be utilized and 100% biodegradable, leaves no waster footprint.

Cotton products at alpwc.com are crafted from BCI Cotton, which is certified to make it better for the farmer, for the environment and for the future.

alpwc will follow strictly on this and put more sustainably produced cotton products within our supply chain.

Quality Using environmentally sustainable materials, our factories are vertically integrated and certified by OEKO TEX 100, which ensures no harmful substances are used in the production process.

We have taken extra care in making sure we create every single piece of our product with full consideration and gentleness.

Following the strict quality control system, we promise to supply our valued customers with high quality products and services.

Affordable You are enjoying the benefit of cyber era or E-commerce times.

Being vertically integrated, alpwccut all the middlemen, such as exporter, importer, distributor and retailers, and bring the high quality products directly to our valued consumers at internet.

You do not have to sacrifice money for high-quality products.

Here at alpwc, don’t be surprised if you find similar quality products at top department stores but only half the prices.

This is our goal to make luxury bedding collections affordable for you!We are so pleased to meet you at alpwc .com where you will find a wide range of simple, elegant, sustainable and quality bedding collections that help you achieve a more relaxing sleep.